Provider Self-Service Update Application

Project Date: 
January, 2011 to April, 2012
Current Status: 

The State will build a web based data application for maintaining and creating broadband data. The application will allow for Providers and Anchor Institutions to update both spatial and attribute data directly using a simple web interface. The application will also allow for the State to use administrative level staff for broadband updates if the Providers do not wish to use the web application to maintain their own data.

Developing a web based maintenance application will provide many benefits including: increase data integrity through use of structured input, allow for cost effective data maintenance beyond the 5-year NTIA funding cycle, and provide for continuous update cycle as opposed to every 6 months.

The application will incorporate full authentication for each Provider to insure protection of proprietary information. It will also include tools that provide direct value to the Providers such as data export and PDF map generation to encourage their use of the application. The development team will create training materials and they will provide workshops at several locations around the State to increase Provider participation and acceptance of the application.

The state of North Dakota is coordinating with Montana on the development of this application and sharing costs. The states will split some costs incurred and some will be State specific.

Shared Costs (Application Development) estimated total is $218,000 for a cost per State of $109,000.

Individual Costs (Application Installation, support, training) estimated cost is $52,000.

The NTIA funded the full state share of $161,000

Project Status: 
Due to the scale of this project, all status reports are included in the overall program status updates. This project is currently on-schedule and on-budget.