Broadband Mapping Program

Project Date: 
October, 2010 to December, 2014
Current Status: 

Welcome to the Broadband Mapping Program.

This "project" is where you can find more detailed information regarding the overall Broadband Mapping Program. 

The program is broken out into three primary categories with projects in each category.

  • Data Collection, Integration & Validation - This category includes the semi-annual submissions to the NTIA, gathering additional data types or improving the quality of the data currently in use, and the automation of the provider update process.
  • State Broadband Capacity Building - This area establishes a state broadband program office to oversee the data collection and technical assistance projects and also coordinate the broadband planning project.
  • Technical Assistance - In partnership with EduTech, which has been providing technical assistance to North Dakota’s schools for nearly twenty years, the North Dakota Information Technology Department will make broadband training subgrants available to local teams of adult education teachers and administrators. The subgrants will cover the cost of “train-the-trainer” training for the local team and will offset the cost for the local team to provide training to the other adult educator staff and faculty within that district as well as offering classes to the public.
Project Status: 
All of the program's status reports can be found below.