Los Angeles Plans Open Access Gigabit Fiber

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The city of Los Angeles is set to release an RFP “that would require fiber to be run to every residence, every business, and every government entity within the city limits of Los Angeles,” the Los Angeles Information Technology Agency General Manager Steve Reneker told Ars Technica.

An interesting point to note is that the city is planning to design the network with an open access model. Instead of the city competing with existing ISP's, the network they plan to hire a private company to build a network that would be open to existing and new providers to sell services on. This open access approach appears to be growing in popularity as cities, counties, and even countries (Australia) try to ensure consistent broadband access for all of their residents.

Open access models certianly do not guarantee success. It will be interesting to see if this project can emerge as a success story for building large scale gigabit networks.