Cellular Data Coverage and Speed Maps


The following maps were develeoped using measurements from a custom developed Android application. This application records the signal strength and performs throughput tests periodically. While great detail went into developing the application and obtaining the measurements, we cannot guarantee the data presented will be an accurate indication of what another user would expereince in a given location. This data is a snapshot of what our device was cabable of at the time the measurement was recorded.

August 2012:

While we couldn't cover every highway in the state in this survey, we certianly tried - a total of 7,252 miles were logged! We used the following phones to take our measurements:



HTC Inspire 4G


Samsung Galaxy S2


HTC Evo 4G Sprint 
Samsung  SCH-R720 SRT 
HTC Droid Incredible Verizon
Samsung Galaxy Nexus  Verizon

See the results in the attached files on this page.


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