ND Broadband Map

Launch the Broadband Service Query

The Broadband Service Query Interactive Map (opens in new window) allows users to view broadband availability by general categories, specific technology, or by provider. Users can also obtain a list of providers at a specific address or at a specific location.

Help and Instructions

Map Interface

Map components


General Instructions

The North Dakota Broadband Mapping application is a based on Google maps. As such all the normal Google Maps navigation controls found on the left side of the map can be used to adjust map display. Additionally you can click and drag on the map to pan, double click on the map to zoom in, or use the mouse scroll wheel to zoom in and out.

Click Query

Clicking one time anywhere on the map places a map marker and performs a query for broadband availability at that location.

Menu Box

Menu box


The Menu Box provides access to all the map tools.

Tools in the Menu Box include:

Map toolsMap Tools – Tools related to actions on the map.


ND Broadband Layer ControlsLayer Controls – Turn map layers on and off


ND Broadband Address LookupAddress Query – Locate an address


ND Broadband HelpHelp – Application help


ND Broadband InfoApplication Information – Information about the application


Map Tools

Map Tools


The Map Tools control actions related to clicking on the map.

Zoom InZoom In – Drag a window on the map to zoom to a specific area.


Initial ExtentInitial Extent – Return to the initial map view.


Clear ResultsClear Results – Remove map marker and results window from the screen.


Layer Controls

Layer Controls


The Layer Controls allow a variety of features to be displayed on the map.

Base Map Tab – Change the underlying base map. Options include the standard Google street, satellite, terrain, and hybrid base layers.

General Tab – Display general broadband availability by wired or wireless technologies.

Technology Tab – Turn on or off broadband availability by technology by clicking the check box next to the layer name. One or more technology layers may be turned on at a time.

Provider Tab – Turn on or off broadband availability by provider and technology. Click on the provider name to see technologies available from that provider. One or more provider layers may be turned on at a time.

Address Query

Address Query Form


The address query zooms the map to the address entered, places a marker on the map, and displays broadband availability by provider.

The marker can be dragged to a new location to perform a query at that location.

If an exact address match is not found suggestions are provided in the text box on the form.

A single click anywhere on the map performs a query at that location.


Displays application help web page.

Application Information

Displays information about the application and provides links to more information and to project contacts.